HANDS El Salvador

Asociación HANDS de El Salvador is currently being incorporated under the laws of El Salvador as a non for profit organization. Given the recent success of HANDS Guatemala, we are thrilled to replicate the high-impact model in neighboring El Salvador. The purpose of the organization is to continue to create partnerships with local organizations and increase the number of opportunities for international volunteers in El Salvador. Asociación HANDS de El Salvador will take carry out the assesment of local organizations, evaluate projects for placement of international volunteers and ensure programs are good match for the volunteers. HANDS El Salvador will also provide local support for the volunteers during their time in El Salvador.

Because the incorporation of Asociación HANDS El Salvador is being done by it's board members, we currently do not have staff helping us out. However, we have commited board members who are making their best efforts to put together an all star local team in El Salvador!


Board of Directors


The Board of Directors in El Salvador oversees all activities in the El Salvador office and is tasked with deciding the strategic direction of the organization and managing the overall financial health of HANDS El Salvador. The Board of Directors also make up the first core group and people who have worked tirelessly and contributed immensly to the formation of HANDS, and the different Volunteering projects that have come out of El Salvador.

Florence Frech

Florence earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. She has been and continues to be actively involved in service-oriented organizations where she can leverage her financial skills and experience. Florence worked in HSBC Chicago for two years and is currently working as financial analyst at The Network Company, a regional investment firm in Central America.


Alejandro Padilla

Alejandro has a management degree with a concentration in Finance from Purdue University. He is pursuing a career in the financial and banking system and currently works in Citibank El Salvador. Alejandro has participated in several service programs as a volunteer, and has become a pioneer in establishing HANDS El Salvador to raise awareness of development issues in El Salvador.


Julia Herodier

Julia graduated from Boston College with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting. She has been actively involved in volunteering projects and continues to contribute to the communities in need in El Salvador. Julia is a relationship manager at Citibank El Salvador and is seeking to implement her financial and interpersonal skills in an organization focused on development. Julia studied abroad in Paris, France during her undergraduate career


Diego Quiñonez

Diego earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. Since high school, Diego has been actively involved in sports as a member of the national fencing team of El Salvador. During his time at Notre Dame, he continued to develop his fencing skills and volunteered his time with non-profit organizations that focused on sports. Diego worked for International Paper in Seattle, Washington and is currently a project manager for Grupo Agrisal in El Salvador.


Carlos Vilanova

Carlos is an associate at Parker, Soto y Asociados. He has extensive experience in corporate law, and has contributed his time to non for profit organizations in El Salvador in need of legal advise. Carlos continues to be actively involved in this pro-bono work as well as other service volunteer projects in El Salvador. Carlos graduated from Universidad Jose Matias Delgado with a law degree